Toronto Real Estate BarCamp Recap

Last week, I attended Toronto’s RE Bar Camp and it was fantasic. During the day over 450 people came through the doors to participate. The organizers Richard Silver, Shirley Porter, Evan Sage and Brad Sage did a fantastic job. This was Toronto’s first RE BarCamp but it was run with the percision of a well oiled machine.

My talked was titled, ‘Neighbourhood Experts: not just Realtors ® any more’ and focused on how Realtors could help home buyers find more information about neighbourhoods; specifically in the days of iPhones and mobile search. The main part of the discussion focused on the Realtor being the ’source of the source’ (that line was suggeseted by one of the participants). Instead of just telling people where the best coffee shops, parks, etc are in the neighbourhood they can tell people where to go and find the information. Site like, of course, HomeZilla, Yelp, The Fraser INstitute for Ontario, etc.

It was great to meetup with some long time Twitters like: @oakvillerealtor (who is WAY taller than expected), @HeyAddy and @RichardWontorra . It was also good to catch up with some of the usual suspects like: @GeorgeONeill, and @chrisnewell, and BuzzBuzzHome .

Overall, the biggest surprise at #rebcto was the level of openness by Realtors. People were completely honest with the problems they had with social media. The result was fantastic as many people share their stories of success and failure which allowed everyone to learn a lot.

I can’t wait for the next Toronto RE BarCamp…

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  1. OakvilleRealtor Says:

    Great to connect with you @ REBarCampTO finally. I missed your talk though, will you be posting a recap/notes?

    It was definitely a great event that I feel will continue to get better and better. I learned lots and met some great new people.

    See you Soon,
    Ryan Chelak

  2. George O'Neill Says:

    Thanks Sandy, nice to see you as well. I agree, the event went very smoothly and a lot of good information was shared.


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